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With the innovative Philips Zoom! Professional teeth whitening treatments, you can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in as little as 45 minutes. If you’re ready to achieve your smile goals, book a teeth whitening consultation at New Family Dental in Arlington Heights, Illinois, today. Schedule your visit directly through the website or call to speak with a team member.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What happens during a teeth whitening treatment?

During your teeth whitening session, your New Family Dental dentist shows you a shade guide and compares your teeth. This allows you to evaluate the current shade of your teeth and determine how white you want your teeth to become. 

The next step involves placing a cheek retractor in your mouth. Not only does the retractor keep your delicate lips and cheeks away from the harsh whitening agents that your dentist applies to your teeth, but it also gives them better access to your teeth.

Your dentist then carefully applies the clinical-grade Philips Zoom solution to your teeth one by one. Depending on your specific teeth whitening treatment, your dentist may apply a blue LED lamp to your teeth to help the bleaching solution penetrate the deepest layers.

After about 10-15 minutes, your dentist evaluates your teeth and compares your current shade to where you started. They can repeat this process three times, so you can dramatically whiten your teeth in a single office visit. 

Does professional teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

One of the reasons teeth whitening has a bad reputation sometimes is because it can lead to overly sensitive teeth, which can lead to unbearable pain if you consume hot or cold food or beverages. 

But Philips Zoom solutions at New Family Dental are clinically designed to give you outstanding results and a brighter smile, with little to no sensitivity afterward. 

How long does teeth whitening last?

With good oral hygiene, your teeth whitening treatment can leave you with optimal results for anywhere from one to three years. You can even get set up with home Philips Zoom QuickPro teeth whitening kits, so you can whiten your teeth anytime you start noticing surface stains developing again. 

To help your Philips Zoom treatment last as long as possible, the dental team at New Family Dental counsel you on which food and drinks to avoid or minimize — like berries, wine, tea, and coffee — to reduce staining. It’s also important to avoid smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco to minimize stains. 

You can enhance your smile with professional teeth whitening treatments at New Family Dental. Click on the online scheduler to book your teeth whitening appointment or call the office directly.