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If you have a tooth with a severe infection or that’s badly damaged, a root canal can help save your tooth. The expert general dentists at New Family Dental in Arlington Heights, Illinois, provide root canal services right in the office, so you avoid going to an outside clinic. You can book your root canal exam online, or you can call the office to speak with a team member.

Root Canal Q & A

Why do I need a root canal?

A root canal involves cleaning out the inner part of your tooth and improving your tooth’s structure. Your dentist may recommend a root canal if you have any of the following issues.

  • Broken tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Infection (abscess)
  • Holes in your tooth 
  • Severe tooth sensitivity

A root canal can prevent tooth extraction since your tooth stays intact with a root canal — just removal of the inner pulp takes place. This way, you won’t have to worry about bone loss or teeth shifting as you would with an extraction. 

What happens during a root canal?

New Family Dental specializes in gentle dental techniques, so you can feel confident that your entire root canal experience is going to be as comfortable as possible. Most patients report that getting a root canal is similar to getting a filling.

After your dentist thoroughly numbs your gums, they carefully drill a small hole in your tooth. This gives them access to the pulp, which contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, and connective tissue. 

Using state-of-the-art dental tools, your dentist removes the pulp, cleanses the inner chamber to remove any infection, and conducts any essential reshaping of the inside of your tooth. 

Once your root canal is complete, your dentist fills in the inside of your tooth with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. Depending on your specific root canal treatment plan, your dentist either places a filling in your tooth or starts prepping you for a crown. 

Do I need a crown after a root canal?

It’s common to need a crown after a root canal, but your dentist at New Family Dental lets you know ahead of time if this applies to you. If you do need a crown, once your root canal is complete, your dentist reshapes your tooth, takes several impressions, and fits you for a temporary crown.

Your permanent crown usually takes about two to three weeks to fabricate in the dental lab. Once your permanent crown arrives at New Family Dental, you come back in to have it bonded to your treated tooth. 

If you need a root canal or have a painful tooth, schedule an exam at New Family Dental. Book your appointment online or call the office directly to schedule.