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Routine dental exams and cleanings are essential for preserving your oral health and preventing serious decay. At New Family Dental in Arlington Heights, Illinois, the top-rated team of general dentists and hygienists provide comprehensive dental exams for adults and children, so all members of your family can be seen under one roof. If you or someone in your family is due for a dental exam, book an appointment online or call to speak with a team member.

Dental Exam Q & A

Why do I need a dental exam?

A dental exam is the equivalent of a routine physical with your primary care physician: It’s a preventive screening. It’s also a chance for your dedicated dentist to thoroughly evaluate your teeth and gums and intervene early on if anything is awry. You or your child need a dental exam to:

  • Have a professional cleaning and have the built-on plaque removed 
  • Evaluate your gums and assess your risk of gum disease
  • Check for signs of decay (dental cavities or caries)
  • Ensure teeth are growing in healthfully

Routine dental exams are also important to ensure you’re following a good oral hygiene regimen at home between trips to the dentist. 

What happens during a dental exam?

Your dental exam from New Family Dental is your one-on-one time with your hygienist and dentist to evaluate your teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity. During your dental exam, you may need:

  • Removal of plaque, stains, or deposits on your teeth
  • Professional dental cleaning and polishing
  • Dental X-rays or CT images
  • Jaw and bite evaluation
  • Oral cancer check 

If your dentist notices anything of concern, such as a cavity or early sign of gum disease, they sit and talk with you about your diagnosis. Dental exams at New Family Dental are also a good time to determine whether your child needs braces and when the best time to begin treatment may be. 

Your dentist educates you on all possible treatment options, so you can work together to restore your optimal oral health. 

How often do I need a dental exam?

Your little one should have their first dental exam right around the time their first tooth erupts or no later than their first birthday. 

As long as you or your child has good oral health and no concerns of decay or gum disease, the team at New Family Dental generally recommend a dental exam and cleaning every six months.

You could need more frequent visits if you have a history of gum disease or other oral health concerns, or if you have underlying health issues that may impact your teeth and gums, such as diabetes. 

New Family Dental provides comprehensive dental exams for all members of your family. Book your or your child’s dental exam online today, or call the office directly to schedule.