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Sometimes, dental X-rays aren’t efficient enough, and you need a more in-depth imaging test. This is why New Family Dental in Arlington Heights, Illinois, has state-of-the-art equipment, including a digital dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) scanning system. Find out more about modern imaging services by booking a dental exam online or by calling the office directly to speak with a team member.

CT Q & A

Why do I need a CT scan?

A dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) scan provides high-definition 3D images, so your dentist can see deep structures and tissues that may not be clear with traditional X-rays. Your dentist may recommend a CT scan if you need:

  • Bone grafting or a dental implant 
  • Clear images to see an infection
  • A tooth extraction 
  • A root canal 

CT scanning goes above aiding in tooth diagnostic concerns. Your dentist can use a CT image to diagnose abnormal tissues that may increase your risk of oral cancer. They may even request a CT scan to get to the root of your sleep apnea or snoring. 

What happens during a dental CT?

A dental CT scan from New Family Dental is a quick and painless imaging procedure. As you stand or sit, the CT machine rotates around your head. The beam used in dental CT scanning is cone-shaped, which uses much less radiation than a traditional medical CT scan.

As the CT machine rotates around your head, it captures high-definition images from every angle. A computer in the office receives these images.

Once your CT scan is complete, your dentist evaluates it quickly to ensure the capture of clear images. If any images are missing or if any part of your CT scan is not clear, you may need the scan performed again. Otherwise, your dental CT is complete. 

When will I get my results from a dental CT?

Because New Family Dental is home to the latest and most advanced dental equipment available, you can get your dental CT scan in the office and have your images viewed by your dedicated dentist on the spot. 

Your dentist pulls up your CT images on a screen immediately and sits and talks with you about what they see. They spend quality time educating you about your dental diagnosis, so you can work together to decide on the best course of treatment for your needs.

Find out more about state-of-the-art CT imaging services available by booking a dental exam at New Family Dental today. Schedule your appointment either online or over the phone.